The epic year of 2020 has come to a close. As we look back, we all have definitive moments—good or bad—that stand out to us. The Foundry is no different.

The Valencia family’s four boys have been a part of The Foundry since 2017. Jonathan and Diego are graduates of preschool and now attend the after-school program. Sander is completing his last year of preschool in Miss Shannon’s room, while William just began this semester in the three-year-old class.

Our teachers have seen the Valencia boys flourish as they continue their education. Not only have they evolved as creative thinkers, but they have also developed socially, as their teachers see daily in their friendships with other students. Their teachers have also noticed how well the boys’ speech has improved during their time at The Foundry.

The growth of these precious boys can’t be attributed to The Foundry alone, but The Foundry’s extra effort and impact continues to pour into their growth and development. The Valencia parents are very involved in the lives of their sons and, before COVID-19, they were routinely seen at The Foundry’s parent involvement events and holiday parties. Their optimistic, caring spirits have pushed their boys to become loving children and hard-working students. After-school Coordinator Will Downing recalls going to the family’s apartment following Jonathan’s graduation from preschool. Mr. and Mrs. Valencia had hung Jonathan’s certificate up on their mantle, showing their pride in the work their sons do at The Foundry.

The Valencia family saw a lot of changes in 2020, including a very positive one. At the start of the pandemic, they were able to move out of their apartment into a house! Not only did this move put them in close proximity to The Foundry, but they now live in a house that has a nice backyard for their children to play in. Mr. Valencia has spent months renovating the house for his family, and The Foundry has also helped with the house during the pandemic. The Valencia boys are very curious and love exploring their new place.

The Foundry and the Valencia family have a very meaningful relationship with each other. Mr. and Mrs. Valencia are always willing to do whatever is best for their children and they trust us, The Foundry, to help their children learn and grow into their best selves. God has worked in this family in magnificent ways, and we are so grateful He has allowed us the opportunity to be a part of their lives.

The Foundry, Winter Newsletter 2021