About The Foundry Christian Community Center


The Foundry is a Christian Community Center focused on providing the children of Bowling Green opportunities to succeed.

Our mission is to develop leaders among the children and young people of the West End of Bowling Green through education, health and fitness, and spiritual development.

The Foundry’s Origin and Tradition

John Wesley, the “father” of Methodism, leased an abandoned cannon factory in England and called it “The Foundry”. Used for worship and Bible study, it also served as a ministry center for the poor. The early Methodists used “The Foundry” to distribute food and clothing, help people start small businesses, tutor school children, teach literacy programs for adults, and host free medical and dental clinics. Our academy is geared to continuing this tradition of community enrichment.

As United Methodists, we believe our relationship to God calls us to seek the good of our neighbor in humble service. In 2010, the South Central District of the United Methodist Church felt the call to address the poverty in the West End of Bowling Green. That same year, the District purchased the former Boys and Girls Club, installed a Board of Directors, and The Foundry Christian Community Center was born in the heart of this area of great need in our community.

The Foundry’s Mission and Goals

Our mission is to develop leaders among the children and young people of the West End of Bowling Green through education, health and fitness, and spiritual development.


While we are focused on the empowerment of the children in our academy and programs, The Foundry is committed to the community of the West End of Bowling Green. We are working towards a spiritual and community transformation that will improve the city and the souls of everyone involved.

All STAR Status: A First 5 STAR for Warren County

Kentucky All STARS is a state rating and improvement system for early care and education programs. In June 2018, the Foundry was pleased to announce that our Preschool and After School Academy have earned a 5 STAR rating under the childcare division, which is the highest rating possible. In March 2019, we received approval that continued our 5 Star Rating. 


We are the first to receive such a rating in Warren County and second in the entire Barren River Area Development District (BRADD region). This rating requires meeting standards of excellence in classroom and instructional quality, family and community engagement, staff qualifications, leadership practice, and professional learning.

We are honored by this recognition as it demonstrates the success we are determined to maintain for our community. This achievement was made possible through our community partnerships, including United Way whose dedication to kindergarten creates mutually beneficial opportunities to support children in Kentucky.

For more details, visit the Kentucky All STARS program website


Terry Daniels

Executive Director

Melanie Llontop

Education Director

Danny Carothers

Community Program Director

Laurie Tingle

Finance and Grant Director

Shawna Wood

Mission Director

Krista Steenbergen

Donor Relations Director

Beverly Ray

Assistant to the Executive Director


Relationships are essential to the transformation of our community.

Diverse relationships will help move the West End towards The Foundry’s goals. There are many gifts, talents, and resources among the groups, churches, and people in our community that are ready to be utilized. We seek to involve all people because active members of the community mean active change and that will bring about a thriving neighborhood for our children and our future.

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How to Enroll

Learn about The Foundry’s education process and how parental involvement is critical to the success of the child and the strategy of life-long change.